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wedding in 3 weeks & the regimen

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I'm getting married on Nov. 25th. In high school I had very bad cystic acne on my back and face. I was put on accutane which cleared the problem for good, or so it seemed. I haven't had acne in almost five years. All I have are the scars on my face to remind me how bad it used to be. Until last week. My chin, the corner of my mouth, and part of my cheek just broke out overnight with big red bumps and a scattering of small whiteheads. I change my bedding regularly and wash my face twice a day with Alba Organics face wash. I know this is probably stress related, but still I'm freaking out. I found this website and immediately bought Neutrogena OTS and a gentle hypoallergenic moisturizer from the store and have been following Dan's Regimen religiously for the past week. The big red bumps have gone down but are leaving big dark spots on my chin and the whiteheads are actually multiplying, not to mention my skin is taking a while getting used to the bp so it's drying out and peeling like crazy. I'm just wondering if I should stick with this in hopes of improvement over the next three weeks, or will it get worse first??? ANY advice from ANYONE is really what I'm looking for. Please HELP!

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3 weeks should be enough to get something out of it you know. They usually say after 2 weeks you see improvement. But it also might not be enough. If you do it correctlyand do not miss any days then you will have a very good chance. For the flakes and dryness just make sure you are moisturizing morning and night. Make sure to try your hardest not to touch it either butyou have had experience so you probly know how to control yourself. You might try cetaphil antibacterial cleanser thats what I use. N I also cleanse in the shower but its your choice. But good luck I hope you clear up before the big day gottal ook good in those photos.

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