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Hey guys. I asked about a honey mask and got a lot of responses, thanks by the way, so I figured I would ask about Tea Tree Oil. I have inflammatory acne, right now I use glycolic acid and some retinol at night. It works alright, but I still get these big red bumps that turn into heads eventually. I hate them, pustules i guess their called. Everyone tells me that BP is my best bet because if kills the bacteria that causes those pimples.

When I think about it, im doing everything but killing the bacteria. I dont like BP though, I know some people love it, but I had bad experiences with it every time I tried it. So Ive been reading that tea tree oil is a decent alternative, I know its not as anti-bacterial, but the studies they did showed it gave good results with less side effects than BP.

Anywho, I want to try it, but I want to know peoples experiences first or what you think of it. I went to thebodyshop.com and they have an entire tea tree oil line, moisturizer, cleanser, mask, etc. Thats probably what i'll use. Just let me knoe what you think of it, that would be awesome :)

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I would not buy from the TBS line because its not pure. I highly reccomend you get 100% TTO, I use Desserts Essence 100% TTO which can be found in natural food stores such as Whole Foods. There has also been some controversy surrounding TTO, it had been said that it causes more public hair to grow. In addition to breast growth in males but this had been studied in 3? boys.

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I actually have the Dessert Essence 100% Tea Tree Oil, which can be purchased at Whole Foods. It's extremely strong and concentrated. Its good to spot treat pimples, but I suggest moisting a cottonball with water before applying the tea tree oil.

I also put a couple drops into my shampoo to help with the dandruff!

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Haha yea I read those studies to, about boys growing boobs, but I dont feel they were very conclusive what so ever.

Thanks for letting me know about Desert essences, I use their jojoba oil. I only wanted The Body Shops tea tree oil line because I want something I can use everyday, like their cleanser, moisturizer and face mask. That way im not getting a high dosage of tea tree oil. But I think i might go and get desert essence to spot treat with. thanks for the reply

Anyone else have any experience?

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^ Hello!

Tea tree oil eh? Does not work as well as I want. But, you should try it. Try the blemish spot treatment from The Body Shop. See if it helps. When I used it, it did nothing for the pimple, except become bright red. The skin over the pimple kind of "thickens" preventing the pimple from ever releasing the pus. The pus, however, became more liquidy and less white.

Don't let my bad review stop you from trying, because MANY people love tea tree oil, and say that the pimple literally flattens overnight.

Give it a try! ^_^

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