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How long does dianette take to work!?

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Im mid way through my 3rd pack of dianette and am yet to see improvements and if anything my skin seems to have got a little worse so im getting a little concerned!!! I have mild-moderate acne, and have been on minocycline for over 3 years now but its affectivess has defo worn off and have also used the CSR for 2 years, which effectivness has also worn off but i still keep it up just in case! Does anyone have any advise!!!? x

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Sorry I can't help you as I'm only on week 5 of Dianette but don't like to see an unanswered post. I feel your pain though. The same thing has happened to me. I started taking photos to chart my progress and all I see is my skin getting WORSE so I've stopped doing it. It depresses me. Have a look at other Dianette topics on here - it seems kind of standard for it to get worse first and no progress for at least 3 months. :sick: I kinda thought my skin would stay the same for a bit and then get better. No one tells you it gets worse, it doesn't tell you in the leaflet and it OUGHT to. Well I made an appointment to see my doc and she's on hol :sick: Someone on here kindly told me about Dalacin T which is an antibiotic you can use while on Dianette. I ordered a topical solution online so I felt I was doing something.

Good luck fish bowl. Let me know how it goes.

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