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Ever have this happen?

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You see a couple minor bumps under the skin and just go about your usual cleansing routine. I use the DKR cleanser, the toner and followed by the bp. You think you are doing just fine and that those bumps will be a thing of the past and then you notice that they only increase. They become more inflamed and larger and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it regimen or no regimen. At first they were slightly tender now it just hurts lying on your pillow. You continue using DKR in hopes that somehow they will get the idea that they don't belong on your face with all acne fighting substance on it. However, they just laugh back at you and continue to grow and grow and grow. Maybe they come to a head and maybe they just remain as these irritated bumps for months to come. You try to cover them up during the day and find that another one has just formed next to it, and another, and another. Sometimes I just wonder if I had left everything by itself if they would've gone down on their own. Now I have two huge lumps on the side of my face even with the use of DKR and hoping that my derm zaps them with cortisone immediately. Something tells me he won't.

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Your situation probably isn't related to mine but that was happening to me when I was following the DKR as well as eating "healthier than ever". Spinach salad w/olive oil and lemon juice as well as lots of fruit every day; turns out I either have an allergy or a sensitivity or something b/c this worked horribly on my skin, I got some deeper cysts on my jawline that I've never had before and some larger pimples that would sit for a week or two w/o coming to a head. Ever since I cut that out as well as reducing my stress levels I haven't had any of the same type of acne.

Also, as a topical solution to help with these you may want to look into some AHA or BHA; I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Facial Lotion and it's slowly working at fading existing red marks and helping to heal new pimples quicker.

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