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I've developed some acne over the past couple of weeks and Im going to the derm to have it checked out right away. For those who have already been through this, does the derm give you any quality subscription that can help right away or am I getting my hopes up for no reason? I'm counting on this trip to cure this MILD ACNE I have on my forhead.

Thank you.

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Nothing is immediate. If your derm gives you a retinoid like Retin A or Tazorac, expect at least three months before good results. Almost all topicals and pills will increase your acne at first, but continue to use the medication as directed and you should see results. The biggest mistake most people make is not seeing instantaneous results, not having enough patience, and stopping before a medication has a chance to work.

Write down questions for your derm before you go so you won't forget them when you're there.

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i know its going to take a while, but this burning after i apply DUAC is almost unbearable. My whole face turns red, and my cheeks burn! My question is, will this go away over time, like will my skin get used to it?

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If it is unbearable, I'd call the dermatologist. Are you applying it at least half an hour after washing? Some irritating medications aren't as irritating if you wait at least half an hour after washing to apply them. Some people find they need a gentle moisturizer as well as a gentle cleanser when on irritating meds. Duac can be very irritating but it does work well since it's a combo product. A gentle cleanser's always a good idea, anyway.

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