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i live in the Uk, im 20 and ive been using quinoderm for a good while with the regimen.

Its okay...does the trick 80% of the time - but im reallllyy open to alternatives.

Ive never tried dans bp - can anyone whos tried both dans bp and quinoderm give me a bit of a rundown on the two compared??

quinoderm is a tad strong at 5/10% so id definately invest the cash in some of dans if its significently better...

cheers for the words of wisdom.


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I think I may be slightly allergic to Quinoderm as it itches for a few minutes after applying. Dan's BP is quite watery in comparison and is for spreading on large areas. It's gentler and doesn't make me itch!

have you tried Oxy on the Spot or PanOxyl (over the counter)?

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Quinoderm was ok, since its emolliant based and contains lactic acid. So i got no visiable dryness when i was using it, but as soon as you stop, bang......dry as hell

i came to the conclusion BP wasnt for me, and got put on differin, which i love :)

and NEVER use panoxyl, it tears your face to shreds, anyone will tell you, its nasty stuff :|

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