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How concerned are you with the effects of chemicals absorbed from skincare?

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I do use un-natural products on my face, but my facial skin is much pickier (doesn't like natural products, though I know they work great for some, and I have to use rx topicals, though I know they don't work for some), and it's a smaller surface area so there's less total product absorbed.

But I was thinking about body lotions and the cumulative effects of my skin absorbing the products I use all over my body. I've been using Cetaphil cream as a body lotion, and my skin is softer and more moisturized than it's ever been. I would be ready to stock up on this stuff for life, but it has a long list of not-natural ingredients (the 2nd one is petrolatum) -- do you think it could be harmful over time, used everywhere but my face several times a week?

I used to use palmer's cocoa butter, and it's the only thing I've found that works nearly as well, but according to the ingredients list, it's actually mostly mineral oil, which is similar to petrolatum, so I don't really think one would be better for me than another. And neither of these have particularly dangerous (as far as I know) or irritating ingredients -- they're just not "natural" ones like oils or plant extracts.

If you know of any articles (from reputable sources, like academic journals) about potential health issues resulting from common cosmetics ingredients, please share those as well.

If you recommend not using non-natural body lotions, any recs on ones that are natural? I like simple, fragrance free, random-botanical-extract free lotions (seems like most natural products are very irritating because they're full of unnecessary essential oils and such, and most of those are irritating).

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