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So Im on month 3 of my second Course of tane. I noticed after the 1st my hair was thinner, not horribly (actually it was nice as I think my hair was too thick sometimes). But now its bothering me. I’m not balding or whatever, but the texture of my hair has become horrible. Its not soft anymore, its dingy, and even with conditioner and serums its still shitty. I was wondering if theres anything I can do to help my hair. I heard B complex and biotin help (and I have those vitamins) but does it? Is there any recommended shampoo/conditioners/other products that would be helpful? I should mention I straighten my hair too :unsure:

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Hey there -

Yeah, Accutane is works hard to dry out acne but also dries out everything else...

I noticed my fine hair getting limp in month 5 (just started month 7). Good your not experiencing shedding, as this can happen in rare occassions. Usually, if excessive shedding happens, it's because the dose may be too high (also males are more susceptible). My Derm. said from the get-go to wash hair less and use blow dryers/flatirons, etc. less frequently. I wash every other day but condition every night. If I didn't use a little hairspray each day I could probably wash every two days. She said to use a good priced conditioning mask on the hair every other day to keep the shine/softness. I do that, and my hair is soft and shiny and not really dry. But yes, a bit more limp. Don't think there's much to do on the limpness except using a volumizing mouse or spray.

Hang in there! Hope some others respond with some info. as well.


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I had the same problem when I was on accutane the first time. I am on my second course right now and I am using a Hydrating balm. I think it's a conditioner. The girl I talked with about it said to use it once a week and leave it in for 5 minutes but the bottle said to use it everyday and use a widetoothed comb to distribute evenly through your hair and then rinse. I do what the bottle says. I would say to get a moisturizing or hydrating conditioner and even shampoo. Use a widetoothed comb to comb through your hair while you have conditioner in it. It helps so much. My hair is oh so soft. It helps get the tangles out and get conditioner all through your hair. If you don't use a protectant on your hair before you straighten it I would get some. I use Aquage but there is also Joico which is really good too. Both have moisturizing products and protectants. I can't say I have used any other shampoo or conditioner that I really liked. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Same happened to me. But I'm a guy and I just buzzed off my hair and let it grow back out again.

If you're a girl though, after tons of haircuts when Tane is over, it should start getting normal again.

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