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Hey...I'm new to this all so bare with me.

I'm sure that someone has posted about this, but sadly, I don't have time to search through everything :(

I'm not even a week into starting accutane, and from everything I've read, some people have said that it seems like their blackheads just seem to "wash off" one day. Will the treatment actually get rid of them? Or should I just be counting on getting rid of the big stuff?

Just curious :)

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Mine never really washed off in one day...I did start to notice that they slowly were popping up, and seemed like they were just raised on top of my nose for about a week. Nothing gross unless you are looking an inch away from the mirror. They did was off, just more gradually.

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Yeah mine at first I thought was rough dry skin on my nose and chin. Then I realised it was tiny pore clogs sticking out. I hadn't even noticed any blackheads there before! Once I'd noticed them, I'd say it took a few weeks for most of them to be removed. My chin now has none and my nose just does on the bridge really, and a few on the sides. Sadly, it was a rather exciting process :P

I'd say this process for me occurred from weeks 3-5, on 40mg a day.

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I'm on week 4 of a course of Roaccutane 40mg/day and a week or so ago my nose and certain areas of my face felt almost like sandpaper due to the blackheads. Now though they seem to be disappearing and my nose in particular seems much smoother.

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