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So I've been kicking myself...

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for not buying the "Northern Light" mineralize skinfinish from MAC!! It's been sold out online for a while now. Anyway, I was thinking of getting one of the others, Gold Spill or Global Glow. Has anyone tried either of these? I just wanted some opinions before I buy one!

Oh and one more question, what exactly is "pigment" used for?? haha, I hear a lot of y'all talk about it and I've looked at it on the MAC website, but I'm not sure what to do with it! :think:

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I want northern lights so bad as well... but i'm too cheap to buy it! Lol.

Pigments are used to do eye makeup... they tend to give a more bold, vibrant color and aren't exactly on the matte side (at least I think! Please correct me if I'm wrong.) You can also use things like vanilla pigments to highlight your cheeks and other areas of your face =]

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Thanks mandy! Yeah I decided I was too cheap to buy northern lights, but then when it sold out I regretted not getting it haha.

Has anyone else tried the mineralize skinfinish in global glow or gold spill??

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I have also been wanting to try that but its a little expensive.


My Regimen


- Wash face with Glytone face wash.

- Take 2 tablets of Purivol ClearComplex.


- Wash face with Glytone face wash.

- Apply Green Cream

- Take 2 tablets of Purivol ClearComplex.

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I have the Global Glow. It's nice for eye makeup and an allover bronzer or cheek color. BUT it breaks ME out. :( So I only use it on my eyes and occasionally on the cheeks OVER my Everyday Minerals to possibly prevent a breakout. Then I wash it off as soon as I get home from work.

The other ones look nice, too. I wonder if my local store still has the other ones... MAC's not greatly popular here although I'm kind of surprised since it is a resort town with more and more wealthy people moving here.

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i think the mineralize skinfinish has been breaking me out too :cry:

i have their most recent color "new vegas" and while i haven't been using that much, i do have their mineralize skin finish which is like pressed powder minerals and i think it may be the cause of my recent breakout!

granted it is only maybe 4 zits, and i am only half way through my accutane course, but i've been clear since month two, so i think its more than likely its something i'm using....

then again, when i bought the skinfinish i also bought their makeup remover wipes almost nightly (i know bad me, i've been lazy :doh: ) anyways i'm reaaaally hoping its the wipes, so i'm gonna stop using them and keep using the skinfinish and see how things go!

oh and about the different skinfinishes, they're all limited edition so if you don't get em while the currrent color collection, your not gonna be able to get em straight from mac unless they re-release them, so i would suggest looking on ebay!

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