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I've been taking Clindamycin 1% lotion for a month and a half and am MUCH clearer, though not perfectly clear (have about two zits, the rest are itty bitty and are just about gone). I'm planning on taking it until my face is 100% clear, but then what?

I've never heard of anyone sticking to one antibiotic and not growing immune to it after a certain period of time. Do people usually switch between two or so antibiotics so that they can maintain a clear face without growing immune to either product?

Also, is it dangerous to stay on antibiotics for a certain period of time? Or is it okay, as long as you change to a different antibiotic after a couple months?


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Well switching the antibiotics does reduce the risk for resistance but in the end resistance will still happen but it may take longer to show up then with one antibiotic.

I think the topic on whether staying on antibiotics for a long time is bad for health is pretty controversial on these forums with people arguing that it does but whether it really does remains as a question mark. Theoratically it does harm the body since it kills bacteria good and bad ones but whether really does harm practically is another thing. Firstly, if antibiotics are really bad, why do derms prescribe it in the first place? If it is that scary, then it should join the ranks of accutane. Secondly, many people have taken antibiotics for years are absolutely fine, me included. I took doxycycline and erythromycin( mostly doxy) for 5 years and I'm fine. My immunity has not gone down and I did not suffer any illnesses minus the flu during the period I was taking antibiotics for acne.

I am a biology student and I have studied antibiotics before and I know all about the theory but practical wise seems to be another thing.

Probiotics are recommended to be taken with antibiotics. I agree seriously. But I didn't take it either! :redface:

This is my analysis.

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Staying on antibiotics long-term (more than 6 months) is generally not a healthy thing to do. It disrupts the balance of both good and bad bacteria in your body, can affect your immune system, and can have other negative health implications. Plus it can lead to bacterial resistance. Most standard treatments for acne are 4-6 months of oral antibiotics, no longer. Some people are on them for years, yes, but it is not an ideal thing to do. Topical antibiotics do not really go beyond your skin, and you will only find it in trace amounts internally, so these are safer to use for longer. But generally, something other than antibiotics is used afterwards for maintenance (retinoid, BP, AHA, etc.).

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The best and the easiest solution.

Wash your face with benzoyl peroxide before applying clindamycin. BP is a very powerful oxidizing agent and hence it does not trigger resistance. using it in combination with clindamycin guarantees not developing a resistance for the drug.

switching antibiotics is very bad. Do not switch antibiotics untill you are done with a complete course. keep using clindamycin.

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