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does anyone else do this??

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ok..so my face is lighter than my neck and chest and everything else...which is kinda bizarre cuz its usually the opposite for most people...

so how many of u guys and gals get foundation that matches their face or their neck? i have to make it match with my neck because then its goin to be obvious that i have makeup on!! i mean my neck is about a shade or two darker than my face so its not overly dramatic..but still isnt this weird?? any suggestions on what i SHOULD be doing??

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my face is paler then my neck too. I don't know if it is because I am constantly applying sunscreen to my face and not so consistant about my body or what. Maybe it is just naturally like that.

I use bare minerals which I think makes the line less noticeable. All mineral makeup makes the difference in skin tones less noticeable I think. I have used sheer cover in the past and I am looking forward to trying everyday minerals next.

I just am a mineral makeup fan.

Then I use blush and bronzer (not the shimmery kind) to sort of personalize the color as summer makes me a little darker and winter makes me paler.

prior to that I would just blend and blend at the jawline and use a little blush along the edge to make sure you couldn't see the line.

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Well um I'm like that too.

usually, people with darker faces are just white people who want to look tanned. my neck is darker too. it sux. oh well. just match the skin on your face. it's not THAT apparent, is it?

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well its apparent if i get a foundation that matches my skin tone on my face...cuz then its all light with none of the usual rosiness... ?? i guess i was just wondering if i was the only one like that..lol...

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I am like that too. Get a foundation that is between the shade of your face and the shade of your neck.

hhmmmm i guess this is the solution!! now if i can only LEARN to find the right match!! i can never pick out the right color on my own...only at like SEPHORA where they help u..but i cant always afford it!

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