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Lisset cream for post-surgical scarring & hypertrophic scars

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Now don't anyone freak out about me showing up to the board and promoting a product, I'm NOT getting paid for anything.

Also, this product is not for clearing acne or removing old scars, I don't think it does either.

What it does have is INCREDIBLE healing properties, and what it did for me was priceless because it is the ONLY cream that kept my hypertrophic scars from returning after cortisone and cryotherapy treatments. So if anyone is doing those treatments, I would HIGHLY recommend getting this cream. Also for lasers like CO2, or anything that burns the skin.

Also it should be fabulous used after any surgery or invasive treatment. It has an immediate and dramatic soothing effect.

I got it from a doctor in New Mexico who created it, and he sells it through a place called Taos Herb. It might not be patented yet, I don't know, but he really ought to get it out there more, for doctors who have patients at risk of scarring.

Anyway, you can find it if you need it at www.taosherb.com, I think under Bath and Body. I just ordered another bottle today because I have to do another treatment, my last one.

I ran out of this cream before the final healing of my last treatment, and wouldn't you know it, the goddamned scar partially returned. I could kill myself for allowing it to run out. =(

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