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people whos acne came back

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those of you. who stayed clear for a while. and then got acne againnnn. was it as baad?? or pretty much the same?? also. did those who got acne back, complete their cumulative dose? and stillll had their acne come back?

Did anyone not complete their cumulative dose. and STILL not have acne come back??

hmmm lol im on 30 mg. and the derm thinks its best if i stay on 30mg for all 5 months. and i weigh 65 kgs. cumulative sposed to be 7800. but its gona be 4500. hmmmm . thing is , i realy hav mild acne , only sumdays it will luk bad wen i get a breakout. then it duznt luk too bad in general. certainly wudnt want my acne to come back once im done with tane tho. hmm. wat to do?:P =/

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i did 5 month full course at the age of 15 (average dosage, dont remember exactly) of Roaccutane (Isotretinoin)

skin was cool for 1-1.5 years then it came back ,almost like before.

pisses the hell out of me.

put on Benzamicyn. didn't work.

now on Clindamicyn+Adapalene, aint working either (after a month).

im having a hard time but im trying to get my doc to get me on a 2nd course of Roaccutane.

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I did a full 6 month course, the oil and acne was slow to return but it did return. I'd say right now the oil is definitely back to pre-Accutane status or possibly more. Breakouts aren't as bad though, but I am on Dan's regimen so that helps.

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