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10% bp + moisturiser?

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2.5% bp and 5% do not work for me, all they do is stop my acne forming but they don't get rid of the acne that is already there. So last week I used 10% bp morning and night on friday, saturday, sunday and by monday I was halfway to being clear except I had really bad dry skin as I wasn't using a moisturizer. I didn't use one because I felt that the flaking was helping get rid of the acne. Would using a 10% bp work just as well with a moisturizer?

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I'm no expert (far from it), but as long as the moisturizer doesn't clog your pores, I don't see why the BP wouldn't work as well. To my understanding, the BP doesn't work by drying acne out, it works by creating oxygen. The dryness is just a side effect. At least I think that this is case.

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There is nothing that helps to take away acne rather than preventing it. Just use the bp for a longer time, then you wont have any acne; cus the old ones are gone?

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Part of BPs effect is related to the drying and peeling effects you get from it (of course its main function is as anti-bacterial). This is one of the reasons the acne clinic I go to is so successful at clearing their clients quickly - they get your skin to peel as much as possible early on in treatment, so they use the strongest products your skin can handle. The peeling helps clear your skin more quickly (but you obviously don't want to overdo it to the point of irritation - its a balancing act really)

I would say it is ok to use the moisturizer, maybe wait 15 min after applying the BP and only use the moisturizer once a day. As long as the moisturizer is non-comedogenic, it should be ok.

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