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HELP! Skin peeling like crazy and I have a formal this weekend!

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I'm on my last month, 80mgs a day. My skin looks great, but all of a sudden I am peeling like craaaaazy. I use Aveeno Ultra Calming Cleanser and Moisturizer. But I'm still peeling a ton! Last night I tried exfoliating with a baby brush, but it didn't do much at all.

I don't want to look like a snake shedding its skin for this formal!! :(

Also, since my lips are so dry, I can't put lip color on. Semi-permanent lipsticks crackle on me, and most other lipsticks/glosses migrate to my outer lips. Brand recs for one that will stay?? Or is there something I can put on my lips before putting on lip gloss/stick so that it will stay and not dry up?

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Hi there. You could try doing your normal cleansing routine in the shower (warm water, not hot, of course) and then apply a thin film of massaged in Vaseline (the petrolatum jelly kind). That will help your skin recover a bit. You could do that one or two nights before, one or both nights. It might help get rid of some of the flakies. Don't go overboard with exfoliation right now as that could hurt your Accutane-sensitive skin. Applying Vaseline with a warm, wet washcloth might also help a bit; providing gentle exfoliation along with the moisturizing effects of the Vaseline.

Enjoy your formal!

Oh, this will also work for the lips, too. Gently massage the lips with Vaseline and washcloth after your shower. Obsessively apply lip balm. You may need to just apply a lip gloss rather than a lipstick since your lips are so dry. I can highly recommend L'Oreal's glam shine glosses. Also Physician's Formula Plump Potion lip glosses. They soothe my dry lips quite nicely! (while also making them look kissably, pouty soft)

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Hi there -

I'm on lower dose than you and not as peely, but Ponds daily exfoliating cleanser works good for me. I use every other morning only. It's non-comedogenic and good for normal to dry skins which is what we have while we are on Tane. I also spritz a hydrating toner on afterward (Paula's choice Moisture toner) to keep the skin hydrated and to look more "normal" and not dry.

Good luck.

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