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If a makeup product has any or a combination of the following claims such as dermatologist-tested, won't clog pores, oil-free, hypoallergenic....does this mean the same as non-comedogenic???


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personally i never use a makeup unless it distinctly says non comedogenic (or even non acnegenic) its just more security for me...my face erupts at the slightest change or pore clogger so i must be very careful!! but those things u listed are perfectly fine...

i use clinique stay matte pressed powder...i believe it doesnt claim to be non comedo but it has never broken me out... go fig

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"Won't clog pores" is a way of saying it is "non-comedogenic", they are just putting it in more basic terms. "Hypoallergenic" means it shouldn't cause irritation, which is different from clogging pores. "Oil free" can be good, but not all oils are bad & sometimes the man made products they use in place of oils can be just as bad. However, that is generally a good sign for acne if it is oil free, as many oil free makeup is made in mind for acne prone skin.

This is a good starting point though if you want to try a new product. Now you just have to try it & see how it goes.

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