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Oh My God.

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I have been on the DKR for about 10 weeks now. There is improvement in terms of acne - I'm definitely clearer, but nowhere near completely clear. However, my skin is really dry, flaky, red, itchy, and irritated, and I can't take it anymore! At least when I had severe acne I didn't feel an urge to SCRATCH at my face every waking moment of my life. And the skin flakes don't look much better than acne either - their deadness discolors my skin, which I'm almost as self-conscious about anyway. It was less irritated when I first started, actually, but recently its been getting worse and worse - which is surprising, since I thought it would get better as time passed.

I've been doing this for 10 weeks. Should I stop now?

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It can be the cold weather. I've been doing DKR for about 3 months now, and before my flakes were out of control till I started moisturizing more, but now with this cold air, my face flakes my and I can literally see thousands of these ugly white flakes on my face and I gotta spend like 20 mins moisturizing, and even then it still there.

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Well thats what I blame, because my face turned uncontrollably flaky coincidently around the time it started to drop below 40 and such. Ugh, it really really sucks as, even worst acne in my case. Just take quick showers, and let your face fully dry before goign out. At least thats what I try to do.

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My problems with dryness and flaking diminished over time. It took longer for my skin to stop being flaky than it did for me to clear up, for that matter, on the order of a few months. The weather also makes a big difference, too, and I have always had problems with flakiness in the winter because of the lack of humidity and cold winds. You can make some changes to bring your flakiness under control, though, such as using less cleanser when you wash, applying jojoba oil before BP (this REALLY helped me if you're not already doing it), and using more moisturizing or a better moisturizer (perhaps an AHA moisturizer, if you aren't already using one). You might even consider getting a humidifier in your bedroom, too.

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