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I try really hard not to be, but I am.

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My face is clearing up, slowly but surely. On a regime of Doxy and duac, my face is entering the holy land of clearness. So alls' well, right?

Well no. You see, I went to the dermo a month ago, got the prescriptions, and went on my way. I don't have another appointment until the end of this month, so he scheduled one after 2 months. So then, I find out today that my prescription runs out in a day. And there isn't a refill.

So now horrible imagery of my face exploding with nasty pimples comes to mind, and I slowly start to freak out. And now I'm in a horrible freaky-outy tizzy. And my mom called me, and she acted like it doesn't matter. I'm at University, by the way. Freshman! =)

Anyways, I've heard bad stories about stopping anti-biotics and then having everything come back again, worse than before. What if that happens to me? I don't think I can take it, I really can't. And then my mom starts to sorta break down, cause well, my dad is an alcoholic, and she's now alone with him, and my sister is failing English. She says now I'm adding to her stress and that everytime she calls me, I just keep adding to it. Now I feel like an asshole. I really never meant to be one.

I just can't stand this. I'm not one of those girls that get's really emotional, outwardly anyways, but why can't my face just be clear? Why must I do such a lengthy regime, and follow all this stuff, just for nice skin?

Why the hell do I care so much? I'm intelligent, thin, sorta tall, and I have tons going for me in life, why the hell do I give such a shit when it comes to this?

I know it doesn't matter, but i'm sorry to everybody, just because I have a problem doesn't mean I need to act like a bitch.

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Call you derm & tell them your prescription ran out & you won't be back in their office for another month.

Maybe they'll write you another prescription in the meantine (?), especially since it only seems to last a month. Or maybe they will squeeze you in earlier....like if someone cancels or something.

Next time you go, make sure & ask how long it will last, and if you can't get an appointment before it runs out then ask them to make sure to give you a refill so it will last long enough.

I'm sorry your family isn't being understanding. It is hard when people trivialize your feelings, especially when they have no idea what it is like to struggle with acne. It doesn't make you a bitch to complain; it's perfectly natural to want to express you frustrations.

I starting venting here cuz my family didn't always get it either, and I didn't want to bore them with my whining all the time :D

Just keep reminding yourself that you are more than your skin & that even if you do break out again it does not mean you can't get it under control again.

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don't worry, I'm sure the derm will send you a refill by the phone

and don't feel bad for complaining to your mom

acne is not a trivial problem, especially because the thought of it coming back is consuming your thoughts so much. It's not silly. they are valid concerns

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I know how you feel, my prescription ran out and then i just went back to plain BP 5% because it costs $30 every time to go to the acne clinic. I get frustrated often too and my family trivializes it too like "it's not as bad as you think it is' or "it's not such a big deal." Only mom really understands how shitty acne makes me feel, because i inherited it from her. she makes me kinda feel better knowing she had it worse at my age. Anyway the point is, this website is where you can come (like me) to vent, share your frustration and talk to people that understand and support you. acne is a very frustrating matter

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It usually took at least 2-3 weeks for my skin to start breaking out again whenever i stopped doxy and i was using it by itself. At least that gives you some time to get a repeat prescription.

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I can't believe a derm would write you a scrip that would run out before you are scheduled to see him again and not give you a refill. I hope he/she isn't playing some game with you and it was an honest mistake. My derm would call in refills all the time if I was out of town or something. It literally just takes a phone call and you can go down the the pharmacy and pick it up. I would do it ASAP, you don't want the bacteria to get a chance to build up a resistance to the antibiotic in the middle of treatment.

Yeah, well I have to call it in tommorrow cause my derm is only in his office once a week. I live in a rural area, so we only have one small hospital and one derm who travels out of our county most of the time. =/

Oh god, so the bacteria will already begin resisting?! It's been two days since I last took the meds. Oh man, I thought maybe a month was all I needed. Could that be the case??

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