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question about using bp as spot treatment?

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i'm using 10% bp clean&clear gel, (i only had $6 on me at the time) and i was wondering if i can use this as spot treatment before i go to bed? does it work better if i rub it in rather than leave a good amount of it lumped on the acne?

also, is this advisiable to do (putting a lump of it on) after i opened a zit or should i not cover it to help it close faster since it is exposed to air? i clean it with alcoho before to try to kill all the bacteria at the surface

thanks a bunch,


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I've experienced the same thing. First off, I think if you want to clean off surface bacteria hydrogen peroxide is best. Bacteria can't live in oxygen. Next, I find that it's better to put BP on the open pimple cause it usually dries it out alot by the morning and the size goes down. As for a spot treatment on a open wound, I see no problem putting a blob on it. If you were using the BP over your whole face I would un-advise blobbing, but to spread instead. Hope this helps

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Applying BP liberally on an open spot tends to work very well. If I am spot treating, I do not rub it in, but either blob it onto the spot, or gently dab it on. (Which of these depends on whether or not I want a white blob of BP cream on my face!)

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You can rub it in or blob it, both are fine but most would rather blob it. Ya its better to apply it on a open zit rather then leave it exposed to the air to prevent reinfection. And I do advise against using alcohol, its very drying for the skin- not a very wise decision. BP alone is enough to kill bacteria on the surface and inside the pore, there's no need for that extra step.

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