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From now on i am going to post in here before i eat.

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And see if is safe to eat it lol

takes to long to get an answer but i am patient :)

i wanna start to be healthy.

I do exercise

now i need help on foods ,, since Diary , Iodides gives acne or breakout

and i don't know which foods are diary or Iodides.

I need a guide for this to avoid it.

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I really believe in eating a plant based diet consisting of vegetables, fruit, beans/legumes, nuts/seeds and whole grains. www.drfuhrman.com and www.diseaseproof.com has great information - it's all about eating a "nutrient rich" diet. If you can do this, your acne will most likely go away.

The most important acne fighting foods are leafy greens like romaine lettuce, spinach, kale, mixed greens, chard, bok choy, etc. You want to eat these blended if you can, because when you blend the greens, you get four times the amount of nutrition due to the cell walls being more thoroughly broken down. You can easily get blended greens by doing green smoothies, blended salads, or veggie soups in which you puree the greens and add them to the soup. :)

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Lol i wish you lived around here to teach me how to do all those


do they sell it on stores? like market basket.

i am willing to buy those to get cured and be healthy.

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Lol yeah i should eat tomatoes with salt.. sometime , thx to this forum now i will avoid salt lol

i should eat to many junks.

but thx to u , i know what to eat now lol

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dairy- cheese, milk things like that

idoine- kelp, sea veggies...

i should love sea food :( lol when i heard it gives acne or make it worse i stopped eating sea food

thx i will avoid those

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