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Sugar and your skin.

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oh well, you're gonna get old anyway. I can't give up sweets. They are my comfort. Besides, my skin looks like hell anway.

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"These "ages" (air quotes) surprisingly, make you age"

Really? It's like chocolate covered m&m's with peanuts that say; "warning, may contain peanuts!"

Sugar "can be" hard to stay away from, with the way people eat lately... but usually it's as simple as forcing yourself not to cram that extra bag of cookies down your throat, or downing half a pound of krispy creams whenever you find a quarter laying in the couch.

Obviously, people should be more worried about sugar causing other problems, then a few wrinkles on your nose, etc. If your 95 years old, it's not like your going to be wrinkle free because you didn't eat 75 bags of sugar tied to a carton of chocolate milk.

There are more important reasons to obsess over something so small :P

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I have tried this repeatedly! I just can never make it through. I am so addicted to sweet stuff.

I love it!!

I am a vegetarian and do not drink cows milk and my skin is not good. So I am still unsure about the dairy thing. Maybe for some people that is the ticket though.

I wish I could break the sugar habit.

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I posted this link not because of a concern of aging and getting wrinkles...I posted this because if you are undergoing some sort of procedure (fraxels, retinoids etc) that builds collagen, you might want to stay away from sugar since it can slow down this process.

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