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Ok, heres what happened since I got my first 2 bad spots ever just 2 months ago:

1 tried to clear them with clearasil - didnt work

2 went to doctor got pan oxyl bp 2.5%

3 it made my face very flakey but did sort of clear my spots up

4 found the regime and tried to do it using my bp - really bad flaking

5 stopped any treatment for around a week to allow skin to heal - no spots just bit red

6 got dan kerns regimen stuff - used full finger from start ( as I had been using bp already for 4 weeks )and no flaking with moisurizer

7 got a small spot again it cleared up quickly - thought all was going well

8 last week on regimen ( 2 weeks into regimen ) 3 big spots appeared after a shave and bad redening- only one cleared

9 tried treating them with the regimen but suddenly things got worse and I have maybe 7 spots next to my mouth and under my chin and it feels like more are going to come!!!

10 went to doctor and got antibiotics for my acne - nearly a week on them now

11 went off regime for 3 days and used pan oxyl bp, 2 spots cleared a little

12 went back on regimen today as pan oxyl is making my skin flakey already!

Ok now I need help, Is the regimen causing the spots or would they have happened even if I wasnt doing any treatment, is it because I'm 17 and these spots are just going to happen. It does feel as if the regimen caused this big breakout as I have never had spots like this, so please help me Dan or anybody else, I'm feeling quite low at the moment. Oh and another thing worth mentioning is my gland near my breakout ( lymph gland ) is swollen and I have just had the flu and still feel very tired and have much less energy Rupert

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At your age acne is very common, so the breakouts would likely have occurred regardless of what you were using. But, you do seem to have changed products and medications an awful lot and it can be very difficult to tell what is helping or hurting when doing that.

So, try to stick to a regimen for a few months before switching. I know it's frustrating and tempting to try different things when we don't get fast results, but nothing is going to break that acne cycle over night. It takes time.

If you have mild to moderate inflammatory acne, then give Dan's regimen a good 2-3 months of diligent use before you decide whether or not it is going to work for you. You can continue with the oral antibiotics if you want to, they won't interact with the topical bp regimen.

As for your flu like symptoms and the swollen gland, I would recommend a visit to your doctor just to check on what may be going on.

Good luck!

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I will try and stick to the regimen. I'm sacred that if I don treat myself at all I will get worse but something makes me think that this breakout has been caused by going on the regimen, I'm just not a naturally spotty person, my skin is very good, Luke

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If you feel you'd be better off without the Regimen, then stop and see how your skin does. You can always go back on it at a later time if you feel you need to.

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