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The BEST tip I can give for people who have had poor results with mineral make-up

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So lately I've been trying the everyday mineral make-up and its been pretty good.. However, I realllly had the problem of it showing EVERY little dry fleck of skin and it really made it pronounced. Because of this, the make-up showed a lot on my face and was very obvious. So if you have this problem, read on.

I've been using the Glycolic acid face wash, toner and face cream. Everyone said only to get the face wash.. get them all! They are simply awesome. After only three days of using it now (first night just 1 day, the other two both morning and night) and my skin is so unbelievably smooth. My redmarks also seem lighter but I really know it's just in my head, so I won't comment on that yet.

Anyways, now that I've been putting my make-up onto a perfectly smooth face with what feels like absolutely no flakey skin sitting on top, my make-up looks nearly 100% perfect. It's insanely hard to tell - in fact, the only problem I know face with it is that after 5-6 hours my skin has gotten oily enough that the make-up starts coming off my face and looks bad :( I really need to find a product to help with this!

But anyways, please please please give it a shot if you've been having the same probs as me. Surprisingly, the face cream that came in the kit is the best moisturizer I've ever used as well. My face hasn't been as oily as before, and 12+ hrs later after the first application in the morning my skin is still not tight or beginning to flake, much like Cetaphyl/Dan's moisturizer and Complex 15 all left me with in the end.

So yeah, try it out! And I'm not even a sales rep for the Aqua company :P Just some good stuff

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Thanks, I'll try that.

Another important tip for everyone is to check the ingrediants. If talc is listed - don't buy it! It's very drying and means the makeup is not pure mineral.



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Even better if you use a moisturizer that has AHA in it so that it helps to regenerate new skin cells and gets rid of the dead skin cells.

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