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can drinking milk be good for acne?

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Yes yes, i've read why dairy is so bad for acne (hormones, slows digestion...).

however, in my particular case, I am starting to wonder if it could be good.

in middle school and high school i never ever had any acne problems. I would have the very occasional pimple that i would pop and be gone the next day.

But now, in my second year of college, (I first brokeout second semester of my first year) I am starting to struggle with acne. Nothing terrible, but a few pimples (mainly whiteheads) at a time that recover slower.

I have tried many many things in terms of washing my face now, and I am starting to feel that none of those really make any significant difference.

So, I started to look at diet. The one main thing that has changed is that I dont' drink as much milk. I used to have a few glasses a day, everyday. This year, I had practically none until a few days ago when it hit me.

In general, I am trying ot eat healthier as well, but I am wondering if milk has anything to do with it.

I found a website saying it was good (to drink and bathe in) for your skin because it has lactic acid and osmehting else which breaks the bond between skin and dead skin cells. It also is a good source of calcium and some vitamins.

So, I am wondering if it is purely coincidence, and maybe due to other things in my diet or maybe hormones. It's been a year since I started breaking out, and it hasn't gotten any better.

Extra info:

My diet was always pretty good in high school, I lost a lot of weight in 10th grade by excersising and avoiding excess carbs and fats. I stopped drinking soda for awhile and had an occasional one after I lost weight.

And it's not due to alcohol because when i first started breaking out I wasn't drinking. It could possibly be due to stress (as I am trying ot maintain a very high gpa at a tough school).

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