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So i have been using this acne pack from zapzyt, it consists of sa 2% and bp 5% i wash once with the bp at night and twice with the sa one in the afternoon and one at night. My face hasnt gotten better and feace is dry i can see the dead skin. I have never had a problem with bp, i would use 10% and all would be good. The sa is the only thing that ive been using that is new. Any suggestions on what i should do, use? oh and the mosturiver ive been using is called Aveeno ultra-calming daily moisturizer spf 15 its been about 2 weeks since i nhave started using these products and i have moderate acne no cysts just white head, blackhead and i dont know what the kind are called that are just red bumps but yea thanks for the help

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another things, how do i get the dead skin off? i remeber right before my homecoming dance my move gave me a face mask and after is was off my face was smooth, does that take off the dead skin?

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k thank you. this is gonna be my thread for all issues i have screw making a new one. Ok so i am going to post everything ive been using and if i can get some opinions on how and when or even a dont use that from this community it would be greatly appriciated so the acne pack i have already mentioned and the moisturizer, but whjat i need help on is what to use in the shower, i also have bad body acne on back chest and shoulders. So i use kirkland shampoo with moisturizing marine algae extract, body clear body wash from neutrogena with sa and i have a panoxyl 10%bp bar, and i have a face bar freom neutrogena(its a clear orange bar) and i have cetaphil gentle skin cleanser which i never use. and i have fresh foaming scrub from neutrogena haha alot of stuff and i dont know how to use any of it please help! should i use the fresh foaming scrub or the cetaphil cleanser before i use the sa and bp on face?

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