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Should I go for tane?

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Alright so I'm a 15 year old male, about 5'5 150 pounds. I have fairly moderate acne on my face and mild bacne. Like most other people on this site, I've tried just about everything for my face. BP that I apply and leave on my face is way to harsh and leaves my face feeling red and itchy, even when its just 2.5%. Same thing with any SA that I have to apply and leave on.

My current regimen is the only one that has worked with some pleasing results, just not enough. I still get about 3 new whiteheads about every 2 days. Right now I'm doing a 2% SA wash with microbeads followed by a 10% BP wash with a SPF moisturizer afterwards. I do the SA wash about twice a day and the BP once.

I'm extremely displeased with the way my skin looks. It's constantly drenched in oil and full of red marks, accompanied by 2 or 3 whiteheads, which as you all know gets very old.

Last time I went to the derm she prescribed me Duac topical gel along with Tretin X. They only made my skin worse. So I'm contemplating going back again and this time asking about tane.

What do you guys think I should do?




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how long did you use the prescriptions the derm gave you? they can make your skin worse for a little while, but that only lasts a little while. you need to keep using them for at least 3 months.

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personally, id say you have rather mild acne...you can probobly find the right regimen, it just takes time. Your acne will dissapear in time. Your skin isn't bad, and you are young, you WILL outgrow it. be patient. Accutane honestly shouldn't be an option for you.

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rather unproductive comment from you lul.

honestly, how has that helped the situation?

mate, i reckon keep trying the prescripted stuff for a bit longer. if it doesn't help after a couple months of that treatment, reconsult the derm

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Your acne would be a little bit less worse than mine, but not by far. Only a few spots in difference. I talked to my doctor and asked him, and said I wanted to stop my acne before I had permanent scarring that was already beginning to appear from squeezing my previous acne and I can see some on your face. Just remember that most likely, in a few years your skin will normalize and if not you could try treatment with accutane. I would personally recommend you to go to your doctor and ask, because he's the one who can debate it with you and help you decide.

My doctor basically replied to my question (Should I try Retin-A, or Accutane...): We can go for the topical treatments which are only marginally effective, or go for Accutane which in 90% of my cases it completely cured it. (Accutane, please).

Now, in Canada I have insurance because my father is a councilor in my township, when I received my first package of Accutane (generic version called "Clarus") it cost 329.59$ for ONE MONTH. I was prescribed 30mg, so I get 10 mg x Clarus x 30 pills about every week.

Think about the cost, think about what you want, and talk to you Doctor!

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No you do not need accutane. Your acne is very mild that it may not reach the extent to need meds needless to say accutane. I think if you did some changes to your diet and use the topicals properly which the derm give you would be enough to clear it.

Besides you are only 15 and from the way I see it, it does seem like teenage acne to me which everyone at this stage should be having as well and chances are you might outgrow it once you reach higher teens or adulthood. Plus, if you are to take accutane now, you will most likely need to take another course at a later time because you haven't outgrow acne yet. People who take accutane are normally above 17.

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hey there!

your acne is worse than mine was (no offense) and I went on accutane. Only because I ran out of all options and my derm. suggested it. So just because you have mild acne doesn't mean you shouldn't take it. I loved/love it.

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Wow, thanks for the all the replies everyone!

I was using the topical gels for about 2 month and half months. After I saw my skin was just going downhill, I stopped.

I think I'm going to go ahead and go to the derm to get her feelings on the situation, but I think I am going to wait a year or two and see what happens before I begin taking it. I am definitely going to cut out all dairy from my diet as I heard that really aggravates acne. I might even begin using what I have left from the 2 other gels again to see what happens.

Once again thanks for all the replies. :)

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You could also ask for a mild antibiotic to take, like tetracycline or doxycycline 50-100mg/day. That with the duac would probably clear you in a couple months time. Ask your derm about it.

Good Luck.

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if you think there's no other way, then i would ask about accutane.

but for your sake i'd avoid the hassle and try something else, which you may have already done many many times.

i'm going to assume most of the people on this site are not dermatologists, so you should go to him/her and ask what they think.

go through your acne history and have a list of all the meds/topicals you've already tried.

even though your acne isn't SEVERE, it can make you really concious about your appearance and can really make your self-confidence almost non-existant.

just because you're young doesn't mean it will go away, even though it most likely will.

my mother had acne until she was 24, and then went on accutane with excellent results.

whatever you choose, good luck & hopefully you'll soon see some results. :surprised:

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Personally I think we have to consider more than whether your skin is "mild" or "moderate" or whatever.

At your age, it is very likely your skin will clear when you get older.

But you need to consider your parents' history of acne.. If they had very bad acne and it was persistent into their 20s/30s/entire lives then it may be worth going on accutane yourself to nip it in the bud. This sort of hereditary acne is worth accutane in my opinion.

Accutane should be avoided otherwise especially at your age. You're still growing and stuff, it is the worst time in your life to take serious drugs of any kind.

If you have a good derm, it is definitely worth talking about it with them. But keep in mind you need to be educated about it too.

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