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Redness and BP Question for all u experts :)

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Hello All, :X

I was wondering, does benzoyl-peroxide slow down the fading of red marks??

I've been on Dan's regimen for 2 months now...I'm basically all clear.. still have a few zits here and there.., just looks like I'm not clear because I have red blothces on my cheeks.. So what should I do now? ... just wait it out? Is there any other cheap way to speed the healing process??!

I HATE RED MARKS...GRR..and zits too!!

Thx much,

Melissa :X

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Guest fatman_uk

There's a good product called Time that i've had to use, i find the '6 month' variety to be best....

But no, id like to know of anythin too, i heard Glycolic Acid was OK... i aint got any redmarks, maybe one or 2 per side but i was hopin sumthin that aids redmarks like a chemical exfoliator (maybe Glycolic Acid?) might help me with the dry skin i get every now an again.


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Try Vita-K solution for blotchy skin. It really works... it fades red marks fast. And it's guaranteed too. You can find it at Walgreens for about $10.

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hey calgirl,

that vita-k stuff sounds interesting, how do you use it with the regimen? day or night? before or after BP & Moisturizer? and can you get it anywhere other than walgreens, cause i definitely dont have one of those around here...thanks a bunch


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