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The End

Quick advice needed.

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I have ran out of BP and can't get anymore til tomorrow morning and I just started the regimen (it's working well so far).

I have an acne mask containing 5% BP however, should I try it since I don't have any other options?

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Im not on the regimen but I feel sorry for you becos no one else is replying and I know how frustrating that is!! But i'll try and help..

Are you sure there aren't any 24-hour stores or late-night supermarkets that might be open??

If there really isn't a way of getting any, then I always think something is better than nothing. So maybe you should use the mask, but only as directed - dont leave it on.

Missing one regimen isn't going to be the end of the world, just try to remember to stock up when you next buy some BP!!

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During my second week I only managed once a day most days as I was away from home.

I found that this wasn’t a problem, and in fact, it encouraged me to adapt to only doing it once a day, which works fine for me.

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Do you still have the tube of BP? How about taking a tip from Dan and cutting the tube in half to see if there is any left inside? smile.gif

Otherwise, since you just started, missing one application can't be undoing too much, fingers crossed!

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Now I know how you ended up posting that message 3 times, john_p_t. I just got some error message implying mine wasn't posted even though it is.

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I wouldn’t even worry about missing one application of BP cream. Its not going to make any difference really as long as you do it the day after, and don’t miss too many, it shouldn’t really matter.

So don't worry about it! smile.gif

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I just washed my face last night, no mask. Reason being I remembered that before whenever I used the mask it generally caused me to break out at first, probably from irritation.

My face feels great, less red, and less irritated. I think taking a break from the regimen helped it to recover from the excessive amounts of BP. I recommend anyone who's face burns like hell to take one session off from the regimen.

No new breakouts, I'd even go as far as to say it looks better. So it went well.

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I'd also like to thank everyone who posted any help in this topic, it's appreciated.

And yeah, I can't edit any of my messages, and that error message is strange.

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