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Please welcome me

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HELLO EVERYONE! I am new here obviously. :shifty:

I want to share my journey towards having acne-free skin with you guys. It feels good to know that I am not the only one who's suffering from moderate acne. Actually my brother was a serious acne victim -- his face is all covered in dented scars from the acne, and he only has pimples every now and then. I do not want to follow what he's tried in the past, because we have different skin issues and so I wanted to hear from you guys, especially the ones who have succeeded in this fearsome battle.

Anyway, I started getting acne when I was thirteen I believe, but only blackheads around the forehead where my eyebrows meet. It wasn't serious at all, but I used Ivory soap and a Pond's toner for control and it worked fine. By the next two years, I started getting some on the chin, (by this time the ones on my forehead would no longer reappear, the blackheads would center on my chin area), and so I used Clean and Clear facial wash and toner, as well as their moisturizer which worked fine. Over the years I would switch products, because I confess that I am a compulsive buyer. So I tried other products such as Clearasil, Cetaphil, and Neutrogena and they all worked fine for me. I also started using face powder and concealer for small blemishes and for my eyes.

By the time I was in college, I had developed a sense for other beauty products, and so I would use foundation from time to time, still sticking to concealer, and heavier face powder(s). This was also at the period that I switched to The Body Shop's tea tree oil line. The line worked great! I still would get pimples at random days, but their tea tree oil kept the blemishes under control. I continued on the line for half a year and thought that the regimen got to pricey for me. I chose to use Nivea facial products. I noticed that my face did not respond well to their products, and so I initiated on the St. Ives cleanser and scrub. My skin was in its fabulous state! My tea tree oil was still in tow.

My compulsiveness got on the side of me again :rolleyes: , as new products started to get in my view, so I wondered about the L'oreal Pure Zone line -- which worked well. Again the price was an issue. Proving that my tea tree oil was the most important product that worked the best, I wanted to go back to its line, only cheaper. So I saw the Tea Tree Therapy line. My God were their products the best! The Body Shop's tea tree oil was expensive for a wee bottle, and the Tea Tree Therapy's big bottle was almost the same prize, but was around 400% more in content! I loved the effect of the Tea Tree Therapy on my skin... and then the store ran out. :wall:

I would return for months to find that they wouldn't restock, and sadly, it was the only store that provided the products. I was so angry! :evil:

So to substitute my loss, I searched for other products with tremendous amounts of tea tree oil in them, and I found the Sensei line. Very affordable. They do work, but not as good as the Tea Tree Therapy line. And they would leave green stains on my fingers. I opted for a Skin Food tea tree oil toner. It was frigging expensive and after I finished the bottle, I was pissed because it didn't seem to work on my blemishes.

I wanted to rid of my blemishes and the occasional pimple (I am very sensitive of even a tiniest blemish or bump on my face), that I bought the ProActiv line. I saved up big for the event. Within two weeks, my face started to develop cystic acne. It was horrible. I thought that maybe it was part of the process, and I continued for a total of 17 weeks. My face was not accustomed to cystic pimples at all. I was really frustrated at what ProActiv did to my face. This is what started the nightmare. :cry:

My brother told me to stop the ProActiv and go back to gentler stuff. For some reason, my face did not like Benzoyl Peroxide. So I went back to St. Ives, and bought a simple tea tree toner from Avon. My face started to improve, but the cystic acne left dented marks on my face. (I would prick them helplessly because they were so ugly and painful!) Even the tea tree oil from the Body Shop that I bought did not seem to help anymore, making me more frustrated. I wanted to scream! ProActiv altered my face to a phase that I am not familiar with and I hate it with every fiber of my being! I would get a cystic pimple approximately every two days. I want to die.

I have been to a dermatologist regarding my face once in the past, and that was at the time that my face was in great condition. I am afraid to have my face checked now. It is though I have lost my confidence... :(

Three days ago, my brother purchased Mario Badescu products for me: the Special Cleansing Lotion "C", the Botanical Face Gel, and the Drying Lotion. I am including in this post the progress of my face for the last four days. I want to post pictures but I am shy at the moment.




Bro says it feels good on the skin. Tried it and it does. It tightened my skin pleasantly. I love the soft smell of the gel and lotion. I feel good about this. But I can't say anymore... for now.



Still the same as yesterday. I feel great every time I put the toner on, it's like my skin is stripped clean. I feel as though two cystic pimples are forming again on my face. Blemishes still there too. Maybe I should have bought the drying and healing creams to accompany this regimen.



They are cystic alright. One is on my chin, the other on my left cheek. I hate these pests. I put on some Peroxide on the one I pricked. (Sorry!) :redface:



Well I got some tiny whiteheads out of the way with the Drying Lotion. The pimple I erupted last night has slightly decreased in size and redness, thanks of course to the Peroxide and the Drying Lotion. The other on my chin now has a white spot in the center... Hmmm... Do I prick the damn thing too? Might not... yet. :ninja: After reading some posts on this site, I am now thinking about taking oral antibiotics... What do you guys think?

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Well I guess I am alone here. But it's alright. I'll just keep this as a way of talking to my other self. :confused:

I read about the whole urine issue and I guess I wanna try it tonight. My brother thinks it's really gross, but I admit I have used blood from my menstruation before, so I am not really grossed out about the whole urine thing.



I am a good girl. I didn't pop out the cyst on my chin. I want to, but I wanna give it a couple of more days. The one I did pop out has gotten smaller. I still feel good after I put Mario on. I hope it does something good for my skin. Urine, I may try you before bed. :surprised:

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Hello to myself again! :boohoo:



Got two new pimples on the nose. I wanna prick them so bad, but my brother said not to. So I'm trying to abstain from that habit for a while... I hope these things go away fast. My other pimple that I pricked is healing quite exceptionally, which is good. But I doubt it won't leave a freaking scar. Read something about lemon juice on an erupted pimple would prevent scarring tremendously. I'll buy lemons soon. About the pee, I still haven't tried it because I drank alcohol yesterday. Pee may not be any good for a few days. Lol.

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Hello world! I bought Tretinoin .05% cream for my acne scars... I hope this works. My other pimple on my nose is almost gone, while the one I popped on my chin is ready to flake. The other two are still there and boy are they ugly. Good night!

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Me again! My blemishes have lightened, I can tell! It's great. I can't wait till they disappear. Lol. Read Delna's natural regimen, so I'm gonna dash to the grocery first thing tomorrow and give the regimen a try. The unpricked pimple on my nose has pus in it, but I'm still a good girl and prefer not to fiddle with the damn thing. Elsewhere, flat pimples with red hues. And that's my main concern for now. Ta-ta!

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Well! I tried Delna's regimen, so I had to omit my regular toner to switch to the ACV. I used 1:10 ratio for starters -- no stinging at all, so I guess I have to go with 1:9 or 1:8. I also bought Jason's 98% Aloe Vera Gel. It stung at first, but it only lasted like a whiff. I loved the egg mask. My brother tried Delna's regimen with me, and we both noticed that our skin became smooth, but the scars still there. I hope when we wake tomorrow, we can say "wow" like the rest who have been successful with the regimen. Good night all!

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Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday! Making up for it now:



I am confident in Delna's regimen. Already I have noticed lightness of my blemishes. Increased ACV ratio to 1:8. Loving the egg mask as always. :) I will put on the drying lotion tonight to see if it would go well with the natural regimen.



I woke up with my face somewhat peeling! My blemishes are now 20% lighter! :wub: I had to have my brother evaluate my face because it really is hard to tell on your own. ACV ratio is now 1:6. I increase by two's, but will slow down to singles starting tomorrow. I only have one small bump from a pimple on my nose left. Weeeee! Concerns left are blemishes.

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Hey, it's great to see you finding success w/ ACV! Your regimen is really natural and pure. Wish you great success.

When I used a vinegar toner, my goodness, let me tell you: my skin healed SO rapidly. I was so sure that I was never going to have acne again. But for some reason it stopped working (darn my stupid skin!). So yeah, I decided to go without the ACV. But from experience there is something amazing about any vinegar on the skin. I tried it w/ rice vinegar too.

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Hey, it's great to see you finding success w/ ACV! Your regimen is really natural and pure. Wish you great success.

When I used a vinegar toner, my goodness, let me tell you: my skin healed SO rapidly. I was so sure that I was never going to have acne again. But for some reason it stopped working (darn my stupid skin!). So yeah, I decided to go without the ACV. But from experience there is something amazing about any vinegar on the skin. I tried it w/ rice vinegar too.

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I apologize for being absent for a while! I've been busy. Anyway!



Well my face is 100% pimple-free! :clap: All I have to get rid of now are these darn blemishes and dented scars that I hate with every ounce of me! Happy Halloween you guys!!!



A busy day for all so I'm writing this on Note Pad. I had to extract some white heads today (yuck!) and I worked in the BS real well and aside from my face being beet-red, my nose is very-well polished and soft!



It appears that I have a couple of stubborn white heads on the side of my chin... I am afraid of extracting them for the time being. Other than that, my face is still pimple-free and I'm so hapee! :dance:



Okay so enough of being hapee. I have two bumps on my face: one on my nasal bone and the other on the ridge of my nose. I think I may have scrubbed too hard! Drying Lotion to the rescue (and I hope you work!) Good night guys...



The bumps are gone! Hurrah!!! :dance: One week already since I started Delna's regimen! It is tiring to do the regimen every single day, and it takes me about 30 minutes total to complete it daily. :wacko: I will continue her regimen until it takes its toll on me.

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Well I have another bump. Could it be that the regimen is starting to wear off? :confused: I sure hope not! On a lighter note, my blemishes have really lightened, but it is still a pain to have to conceal these flaws. I will be away for a week or so. Take care guys.

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