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Question for people who have found success using blue/red light

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I stopped using BP cold turkey a week before I started using the blue and red Enlux lights a few weeks ago. My skin is just a hot mess right now.

I know there are several who have had success with light treatments. How did you transition from your previous treatment to lights? Do you use lights only now? Did you have a terrible break out period as you were transitioning?

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I need some words of wisdom right about now.

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I believe even the doctor office Clearlight machine causes some increased breakouts during the initial weeks of use, because the acne being killed has to surface. When my daughter did it 3 years ago, we noticed that clearing began about week 4 or 5.

From all I have read, it seems that one has to do 4-8 weeks of light before you really start to see results, *assuming* the light you are using can deliver any results at all! I think the best bet is to overlap the treatments in the sense of start the light along with BP, provided BP does not cause any light sensitivity. Of course, for the light to work, you have to have the face clear of any creams. So maybe wash face, use light, then apply BP. Maybe over time you decrease the BP but continue the light and see if you can substitute the light. I am not doctor however, and don't want you to lose something that is effective for you just to be a guinea pig for the forum! However, that's my sense, given that results are not instant with the lights. See our thread also for Internet alternatives to Expensive cLearlight Treatments. Best of luck.

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I must be an odd case... The Beautyskin lamp I bought totally changed the way my skin acts. I still use it everyday.

I used the lights to my advantage so I could explore as many things as I could. I tried a ton of topicals out while I was sticking to a daily light regimen. It gave me the opportunity to find out what I respond best to topically while still getting steady, effective treatment.

I did break out hardcore after I started. The difference, the lesions healed quicker (red light), & the breakout did not return (blue light) in that spot.

Present day, I finally found my skin responds well to a main treatment of SA, & Glycolic acid. There are other things that I'm interested in, & am trying to work in as far as resurfacing goes now that I'm almost 100% clear.

I'm dealing with some congestion in my skin and hormones still. Also, discoloration and scarring. :doubt:

There's my experience with the lamp. It was, and still is, indispensable to me.

Good luck! :)

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