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I just bought some b5 from vitamin shop

i was reading i should take a b-50 complex as well?

what would happen if i didnt take this with vitamin b5?

Oh and i was looking through my pantry and i found

Kirkland brand of fish oil concentrate with omega-3

it's 1000mg, how many pill of this should i take a day?

i was thinking 2-3

im 18, 5'7", and 130 lbs.

thanks guys

i hope my acne goes away!

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I take liquid flax oil and b5. I started with one tablespon a day to see how my skin reacted and I also started slow with the b5 although the bottle said to start with like 6 pills a day then decrease the dose as your acne clears. I don't think you need an extra b-50 just make sure you take a multivitamin that doesn't contain iodine.

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thanks for answers, well im only gunna take 3 grams a day max, so i dont think im gunna buy an extra b-50 complex, ill just take a multivitmin i guess, im also going to take 3 grams of fish oil pill with the b5.

does anybody think i shoulndt?

i also looked at my multivitmain and it has vitamin b-12 6mcg and biotin 30mcg

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As for the fish oil, a standard 1,000 milligram capsule will contain 300 milligrams of the EPA and DHA fatty acids. I suggest at least 3 grams of these per day, which equals about 10 fish oil capsules per day.

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