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Copper peptides- updates

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Having read the previous post on copper peptides, i'd like to know how everyone is getting on with them. Is anyone seeing any or more results with the super cop and super cp serum?

Denise, i read that you you apply the super serum 2 or 3 times a day, do you not use exfol cream in the morning then the serum at night like recommended? Or do you not use Exfol cream.


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I d/c the use of all copper peptides and my skin looks much, much better since I dropped them. I gave them several months, but alas they did not help me at all. sad.gif

Best of luck to those who are seeing improvements! biggrin.gif

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The ONLY CP I can use is the standard CP serum which, although is soothing, did nothing for my scars.

The super CP breaks me out and the tri-reduction too ..

I know Denise has had loads of good results, and others too..

Oh, I have a NEW tri-reduction P&R if anyone is interested in it. I bought 2 of them but only ever opened one, it's still fully packaged. Offers/swaps/begs?

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I have been using copper peptides for 13 months now.

I have seen excellent results.

I switched to super-cop and apply that once a day (evening). I apply exfol cream in the morning. I also apply a 40% glycolic once a week.

I should add that my scars are hypertrophic and located on shoulders.

The use of these products requires lots of patience and dilligence.

I believe many give up after a few months or when they do not see dramatic results within that time frame.

This treatment is a very slow process and it took 8 months before I started to see real benefits and believe you me, my scars were really prevelant and numbered so many that when I apply the product I have to just splash it on all over because I cannot possibly isolate each scar individually and apply that way.

I understand that atrophic scarring is a different form of scar and yet collagen rebuilding should still take place and so should exfoliation of skin tissue.

All the best to everyone.


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I have never used the Exfol Serum. I tried the P&R a few times and the chemicals or fragrances or something in it made me dizzy and gave me a terrible headache. I had to stop using it.

But yes....you have to use it over a long period of time. IMHO, if you can tolerate the Super Serum, that works much more quickly than the regular Serum, and you always have to use peels, and go to stronger peels as time goes on.

I concur with others. Many people don't give this stuff enough time to work, nor do they do enough peels or strong enough peels. This stuff doesn't work by itself too well, and you should give it at least 6-8 months to see some improvements combined with peels or some kind of exfoliation. I have said this many times....that I used the regular Serum for 14 months and one day I noticed that the pits on the side of my nose had reduced signifcantly. It was a long process, but one I'm glad I took.

Catlover said he got about 50-60% improvement on pitted scars after using the regular Serum and doing peels twice a week.

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You need to use copper peptides for a long period. I personally think they are excellent and has really helped me after 6 months. Even if it doesn't help your scars, it's great for your skin. All products now are starting to be advertised with having copper in them. It's great stuff.

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i been doing 30%glycolic and super cp for a month now, haven't seen any results, but i'm willing to wait a bit, if i don see ne results by june/july ill give it up

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