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Bear Grylls

Gentle soap and good moisturiser! in the UK

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Basically my skin is so dry on Accutane. The moisturiser isnt working for more than a couple of hours, usually less. All around my mouth and nose I have dry flakes of skin which ive been rubbing off but they just come back.

Currently im using Boots' Skin Clear Oil Free moisturiser, and its not working at all.

Please can anyone recommend me a good soap/cleanser which wont dry my skin out but wont make me break out, and a moisturiser that actually works!! Im a student too and I have no patience ordering online so if I could buy the products in the High street shops that would be best.

Thanks for any help, the dry flaking skin is really embarrassing :redface:

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Cleanser: what i use for my dry skin and oily skin (i get dry skin, but it becomes oily) is Emulsifying Ointment (EO), its technically called a moisturiser, but my derm told me to use it as a cleanser.

what i do, is take some of the EO (its really thick and waxy) and add it to a cup, then add small amounts or warm water till the waxy substance has gone and is more like a cream, and i wet my face and wash with that. cause its thick and contains only oils and waxes (which are all fine, there non comeodogenic and non irritating) its cleanses the skin without removing oils,

your skin may feel waxy after you wash it off, but this is the effect EO has :) so for me, it helps with dry skin but not stripping, and helps with oily skin by adding a waxy layer and sealing moisture in.

You can get a 500gram tub of Emulsifying ointment from your pharmacy (they sell 200gram tubs aswell). The 500gram tubs are around £5 and the 200gram tubs are around £3.50

so it makes sense to get teh 500gram one lol.

Moisturiser: im not too sure really, i use simples shine manager moisturiser, but since your on accutane, you would need a better one. hopfully some can help on that one.

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drop in and get yourself some sudocrem, put it all over your face after washing at night see how that feels, i have no flakes on day 19 after using it a few days..wonderful stuff

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