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Happy New Years to most of us! I can't include myself because this year so far has been exhausting and exhilarating, but mostly depleting of what little energy I had stored up. Because I'm still down with a case of pink eye this is going to be a somewhat brief message to say that I am very sorry I did not update much in the last few weeks, it's just there were reasons, plenty of reasons, but we won't go into details. Lady luck has been on an extended vacation and has apparently forgotten all about me. I'm wearing sunglasses as I'm writing this because somehow my eyes are extremely sensitive to any light from any source. Even my cell phone. I went to the ER at 2am, paid $180 to find out I have conjunctivitis, aka Pink Eye, but strangely none of the symptoms I have are related to this and now I'm back at square one, unable to watch TV, read a book, and drive to the hospital by myself without running every stop sign, barreling into parked cars and narrowly missing the old woman and her little dog. I know you wanted to hear that specific detail, you're welcome.

My face has held up, with some surprise, to most of this stress I've been putting it through. The newest pimples are non-inflamed along my jawline and one inflamed on my right temple. Other than this, my skin has been, thankfully, low maintenance, compared to everything else I have going on in my life. Once again, I feel obligated to grovel at Laura's feet. The last two times I've visited Face Reality have been for hydrating purposes, and I've been instructed to exclude Polygel serum from my regimen.

Morning Routine

Cleanse using Acne Face Scrub

Apply Salicylic Toner

Alternate between Derm-A Gel and Bleaching Lotion Forte

Hydrating Emulsifer

Spot treat with Acne med (5%) if needed


Evening Routine

Cleanse with Acne Face Scrub

Apply Mandelic Acid Toner (3%)

Apply Exfol-A

Hydrating Emulsion

Acne Med (5%)

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About sushi.

Firstly, Most sushi has no seaweed in it. Only nori(sp?) rolls. And that's not even seaweed. It's algae cakes. Each sheet (usually 6-12 of the standard cut rolls, I'm guessing ~2 of the conical ones) contains just over 1/10th of your RDA for iodine.

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