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How do i get rid of little white bumps?????? Please help!

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Hi everyone....

I went to the dermatologist and she gave me adoxa doxycycline tablets. One a day. She also gave me Triaz benzoyl peroxide 6% cleanser to use once a day on my face for 10-20 seconds and then rinse. In the shower i use st. ives gentle scrub. And i use st. ives aloe lotion after washing my face or taking a shower.

Should i just stick to this regimen for a while and see what happens? Do you think the Triaz benzoyl peroxide 6% cleanser will get rid of all the little bumps on my forehead and chin area? I don't have any inflammed acne right now.... its just a lot of white bumps. Should i purchase dan's gel or lotion? Instead of using the st. ives lotion? Should i get a toner?

Thank you so much for helping me out. I just really need help on getting a good regimen that will work for me.... and my mostly non inflammed acne and all these stupid little white bumps!

Thank you so much.


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Hello and welcome to acne.org! I'd recommend stopping the St. Ives products. They can be too harsh for acne prone skin even though they are marketed for acne prone skin.

Exfoliation is a good means of helping clear the skin, but the gentler the better. The baby's hair brush method is a good means of exfoliation. See my signature for details. Another terrific method of exfoliation is using an electric toothbrush to gently cleanse the face. It's massaging and gently exfoliating at the same time.

The prescriptions your doctor has given you will help with your acne. Scrubs and lotions like the St. Ives products can make acne a lot worse and turn it into inflammatory acne.

I'd try a different moisturizer. Lac Hydrin 5 has a gentle alpha hydroxy acid in it (lactic acid) and it moisturizes nicely for many people. Some people like Cetaphil moisturizers. Others like Aveeno.

Another good product for comedonal (non-inflamed) acne is glycolic acid. There are many different products that contain glycolic acid. One I like that's easy to find is Neutrogena's Pore Refining Toner. That's applied to cleansed, dried skin. One can moisturize and/or apply makeup after it without a problem.

Also, there's an excellent pinned post by LionQueen called Clearing Pores, Getting rid of tiny bumps that can also help give you some more ideas. Salicylic acid is great (Paula's Choice is among the best from what I read) for exfoliating. Mandelic acid has good reviews. Topical retinoids are among the best comedonal acne fighters that one can find. (Retin A, etc).

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