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I have a bit of acne on my cheeks nothing really bad, and a few small blackheads on my forehead.

but for the past month ive had this big red bubble like thing on my nose.

Its a darker red, its a bubble, it feels like its filled with air like when i push it in its coushined, its not painful, its been here for a while like i said, theres no white spot or black spot in the middle. its like maybe .7cm to 1cm (not sure) long and .5cm wide.. im not sure it might have been bigger but its not going away and btw it comes off my sking like .2cms

its on my nose if it matters..

edited: i just realized this might be the wrong section, sorry but help?

i forgot to mention also that i just tried to drain it tonight with a safety pin (NO prior attempts)... and all that came out was a tinnnnny bit of white stuff and blood... nothing bad and i poked the hole with a safety pin) no sign of it going down

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sounds as if it might be a cyst... a type of pimple that is an infection deep under the skin. it sounds super evil, i know, but lots of people get them. if you check out the forum for severe acne you should find some good advice regarding cysts. in general, though, i think the only thing you can really do is wait for it to heal on its own. unless you can get in to see a dermatologist, who can give you a cortisone injection which should shrink it in 24 hours.

oh and p.s., you definitely shouldn't try draining it yourself again, as that can spread the infection and lead to scarring.

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