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MY Skin Regimen...it might finally be the answer:)

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I haven't been on this board in a while, but decided to log in and post an update on how my acne condition is. First of all, I've always had acne, since like high school. I am 26 years old now and still have always been breaking out. I used Proactiv Solution for about 5 years, and it helped a lot but I still would break out. The worst breakout, was last October in 2006. It was so bad I wouldn't even go out of the house at times. Ever since I kept switching to different products. Finally like a few months ago, I remember walking into the local Walgreens store. On the sale rack was one of those Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser washes. The retail is usually about $7.99, but it was only a little over $3, so anyways I thought "what the heck", I will try it. Anyways, I then started just using this and nothing else, except maybe spot treating with BP. This is a great cleanser, but I still seemed to be breaking out. I then made the mistake of getting Cliniques new 3 piece acne solutions kit. I should have known all 3 products were WAY too much on my sensitive skin. It did nothing but strip it of the oils even more, and I now realize that was most likely my main issue all along..I was just over drying my skin. I have NEVER used a moisturizer either..bad huh. I guess I assumed they all would break me out terribly.

For a little over a month, I have tried these 3 steps/products and as of now my skin is looking pretty good....despite..all these dang red spots left over, but I can't complain considering how BAD it was. Not to mention, what I'm using is basically Dan's Regimen..gentle cleanser..BP....and moisturizer, however just felt like sharing what products I use. As I already mentioned, I have been using the Aveeno Ultra Calming Foaming Cleanser. It is fragrance free...and for sensitive skin, and I love the foaming action, which doesn't over dry like other cleansers..however, if you don't use a moisturizer, it will still dry out your skin. Anyways, I use that night and day as a cleanser. Only at night, I then apply a thin layer to most of my face of Clinique's 2.5% BP Acne Solutions Lotion. This is fragrance free and allergy tested. At first, I thought it might break me out worse, but it hasn't. I just have to make sure I don't over do the BP, or I get more redness and this irritated feeling. The best thing I added to my regimen, which has probably helped my acne, is Clinique's Dramatically Different GEL.....not the lotion but GEL. Of course, this is also fragrance free and very light. The only problem is, it can be a bit too light..so you have to make sure to put enough on, but this is better than most moisturizers that feel just plain gross and greasy. Basically I have managed to control the oil. Before, you could just see oil gushing out..even when I wake up in the morning.....very oil, now nothing. It seems to be balanced. My main problem, might have just been over drying it, but I know so far the BP is helping, and the Clinique BP 2.5% is the one to use..fragrance free.....as a very light feeling and soothes the skin. I still actually exfoliate ONCE a week with the rest of the Proactiv Cleanser, but when I run out of it..I guess I will use something else..not sure.

Anyways, I was having moderate acne, and I suggest for people to try these 3 steps/products. I have pretty sensitive skin/can be very dry or oily as well and I'm sure some of my acne was /is hormonal related. So far, it just keeps getting better..I just hope it doesn't get worse. It has taken me months and months, to get it to start looking this much better. It has been crazy. The products are not cheap..well the Clinique(luckily I have a relative who works for them), but still you can find them on ebay and actually its worth the price. I just will pray my face only gets better..not worse. It's been over a month now, so I'm sure the products are working fine. :)

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Congratulations on finding something that works! I think that's sometimes the hardest part - finding a product to suit your skin. I hope things just get better and better for you. ;)

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