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Hello, I´m new here and I´ve seen there are a lot of discussion regarding acne and masturbation /ejaculation.

The truth is that ejaculation can indeed aggravate acne in men, in the same way steroids can, of course the effect is weaker. This may not be true to everyone, but it is in many cases.

My doctor admitted that is perfectly possible that sexual activity wich is hormonal related, can make your acne worse.

One of the main reasons many people reject this hypothesis is because this idea often comes associated with ridiculous myths, like growing hair in your hands, or becoming gay by masturbating.

It would be of course extremely difficult to accept that our kids have acne because they masturbate, it would be embarassing to everyone.

I think that the fact that acne cannot be cured only controlled has something to do with this issue...

I have to say that I got clear simply by reducing sexual activity to 1-2 times a week. And it´s not because I needed less sex, it was because I decided to do so.

Sorry for my bad English take care.

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I would have to disagree. Sorry...

I don´t want to sound rude... I do really respect people who think that masturbation hasn´t any effect on acne, but for those who are "sure" that´s a myth are lying...

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Definitly. For me there really is a link between acne and mastrubation. When i started to mastrubate(and i mean like.. everyday atleast 2-3 times) i started to get acne then i started to use "wonder" products like clearasil(and i overdid it extremely cause i wanted to get rid of it!!) and it got worse.. gg me

I've stopped for nearly 2 months now (few exceptions.. with my gf) but i'm pretty much clear and no new acne is forming only have the red marks left... and scarring..

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