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Drex's Accutane Log

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This is just a personal log for myself, but other people are of course welcome to read this.

I've had acne for as long as I can remember, maybe since I hit puberty at around 13 or 14. I'm 24 now so that makes it roughly 10 years that I've had to deal with this affliction.

I've taken Accutane once before for semi-severe acne and it cleared me up quite nicely, but I quit the course before I could finish it. The reason was mainly because I had no insurance so it was pretty expensive, and also because I thought that since my face was clear, I wouldn't need to continue with it. But it came back after a couple months. It didn't come back as bad as it was pre-tane. Now it was just mild acne.

Fast foward 3 years later, my face is still afflicted with mild acne. Lately though it's been getting a little bit worse. So about 3 months ago I went to my derm and took a bloodtest so that I can start up Accutane again. I was excited, but I was shot down when my derm told me I failed the bloodtest (Wynne told me that it was most likely due to the Doxycycline that I had been taking at that time, or maybe it was the excessive drinking I had that past weekend).

So I abstained from drinking for a couple months and stopped taking the doxy. I re-took the bloodtest last friday and passed. YAy for me.

So my journey started last Monday 10/15/07

Days 1-5

My face is still the same. Still waiting on these 2 small cysts to fade away. They've been here for the last few days. Lips are starting to get really dry. I was thinking of getting a lip piercing, but with these dry lips (and I don't even think it hit it's peak yet) that would be the most uncomfortable thing to deal with.

Good luck to me and to everybody else who is on this.

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Days 6-10

I just took my 10th pill earlier today. Lips were really bad a few days ago, but I used Aquaphor just once and it seemed to go away. There are still a few whiteheads and blackheads that are pushing up to the surface. No new cysts, but still waiting for a couple to die down.

Man, my body is killing me. I'm aching EVERYWHERE like my back, joints, and muscles. But I know I can stick through this and it'll all be worth it in the end.

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