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:dance: don't you guys think we should just do one giant poll, to see what really does work the best for people? and i'm just talking about moderate acne for this one, pustles, whiteheads, and papules. i mean really, there's so many things to try out there. how the hell do we begin to decide when we don't actually have a clue as to how our skin will react? yes, everyone may be different this is obviously true. but this poll may give us a head start. we'll choose a bunch of very common regimens that really seem to work wonders for people! everyone post your regimens, products, or ideas! the DK regimen, proactiv, whatever it is. lets get some statistics out there to help people who are lost, who have just had yet another product fail on them (like me) and don't know where to turn next! please POST SOME REGIMENS!

p.s. i know this was my idea, but actually i'm not sure how to start an actual poll. lol. i know sad huh. if someone knows any help would be greatly appreciated! i think this will really help a lot of people! don't you guys think so too?

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you just stole Dan's idea. read his blog about AcneWiki. http://www.acne.org/blog

thats all beautiful and everything, but where is the poll? i want to see it in a list. i dont want to read 20 pages of people bitching about products. i want facts, straight up statistics. i didnt mean to steal anything. but if dan has done exactly what i just asked everyone to do, where is it?

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