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I'm just weighing up my next move and I'd appreciate some advice if anyone has been in a similar situation:

I'm 23 and first visited a doctor when I was 15 re my acne. He prescribed antibiotics and Benoxyl 10 lotion. After trying a few differant antibiotics he finally referred me to a Derm who presribed Retin A, again worked for a bit then stopped working.

All in all I messed about for arounfd 5 yrs in which time I used the Banoxyl lotion very carelessly which has to a degree damaged my skin (anyone else done this?). Eventually I was referred back to the Derm in Jan 03 who prescribed accutane, absolutely the best thing ever cleared me up completely but a month later my Acne started to re appear so I went back to the Docs and he referred me straight back to the Derm (16 week waiting list)

So my visit to the Derm came last Friday where I fully expected to be prescribed another course of Accutane. Now I'd describe my acne as moderate with a few scars. The derm said my acne wasn't bad enough to go back on tane and prescribed a tetracycline antibiotic saying my acne is differant than it was pre accutane and things that didn't work before might work now.

I tried to argue that ok my acne might not be really bad but it is in it's 8th year and nothin but tane has worked, now ok I know there are side effects and it should only be prescribed as a last resort but surely I qualify.

So my option is go to another Derm (I live in Britain so this would be a pretty expensive option) or persevere for another 4 mnths with the tetracycline antibiotic.

What frustrates me the most is I know there is somethin out there that can clear me up.

Sorry for going on but any thoughts would be appreciated.

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If you've tried it in the past and if you weren't too pleased with it, there are other drugs that are more powerful. The next powerful drug under accutane is Minocycline, then Doxycycline. I would go with the Minocycline. If your acne is causing scars, you can ask for a cortisone injection... this will get rid of the acne within 24 hours. This is mostly done to prevent further scarring.

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