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Goin to a tanning bed, I use a Stand up bed for 5 1/2 minutes and it does miraculous things Im not kidding, especially if you need a quick fix you will be very happy if you go!!! The maximum you could go for on the stand up booths are 11 minutes but you dont want to do that or you will have the worst sunburn of your life, I went 7 /1/2 minutes and got the worst sunburn, (I get the 5 1/2 and 7 1/2 only because I asked for 8 and 6 minutes but was scared is was too much and waited 30 seconds.) I mean it will literally clear you up all the way almost, but there are side effects of course of skin peeling but if you go for 5-6 minutes you wont peel that much, but if you burn you peel a lot. and of course they say you can get skin cancer but if you dont go but2 times a month you should be ok, you may even go once a month or less if it works. And please dont open your eyes in there under any circumstances, Id even suggest wearing goggles they give you but ten again I dont use them because I hate th etanlines so I just make sure I dont open my eyes. and expewct to pay $!1 for a stand up bed maybe more depending on where you go but if its over $11- 12 your getting jipped. You can use a wolf bed that usually costs $5-6 but those kinda suck because they are small and you usually have to go 25 minutes to get a good tan. very much reccomend for severe acne suffers though all forms of acne it will work good too of course. I would want someone to tell me if it worked and so thats why Im reporting this here now. but I am still ooking for oral meds to totally inoculate my acne so I hope I can figure out whats a good oral medication, becuae tanning wont do the total trick but I dont know what Id do without it, it really works wonders and I have bad skin and it sucks and I know thw pain. Peace to you

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It's only a temporary improvement. In the meantime you're risking skin cancer and photoaging.

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I wouldn't recommend it for people with severe acne. For one, they are usually on some type of topical and/or an antibiotic that makes their skin very sensitive to sunlight. Their skin would literally fry! It may(and most likely would) seriously aggravate their already exisiting severe acne, leaving behind super red marks, scars, just worse overall skin condition, and severe hyperpigmentation. It's just too risky and the results are most likely horrible rather than great.

I too think it is worth the risk for me for vanity's sake as shallow as that may sound. I like being and feeling attractive and acne doesn't do either of those for me LOL Does it cure acne? Nope. But like glidewings, for me, it clears it for a good amount of time. Tanning mixed with a BCP has made my skin look really great again and that was the result I was aiming for. I also like the look of tanned skin so I'd go regardless of acne.

I'm not advocating tanning, but it does have its pros and cons as glidewings stated.

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I think people get carried away with avoiding sun at all costs, or having a tan.

In my experience i have many friends who have been safe in the sun throughout their life whilst maintaining a light tan, and are now in their 40's and look quite young for their age.

By the same token i have relatives who have been extremely diligent in avoiding the sun and look quite old for their age.

A light tan isnt going to age you, and it all respects its relatively safe. a tanning bed twice a month is harmless, someone will get more sun exposure and damage from playing one game of tennis out in the sun a month.

I have relatives who never exposed the body to the sun for more than 10minutes at once and have still had sun cancers removed.

A long time i would do most of my fitness training before sunrise, and after sunset,

but due to work shedule changes around 15 years ago i had to do my training mid afternoon, a session would go for around an hour and a half, it was generally hot so i'd just wear shorts, i would stay in the shade most of the time, and wear some spf 40+ sunscreen, but throughout my session each day i would probably get around 20-30minutes of sun exposure.

Over time i gradually built up a light tan, my moderate acne lessened, my skin looked healthy, and confidence grew.

I've been in the sun safely for the past 15 years now (im 40), and my skin is still good, i have very little wrinkles, and an even glowing complexion. so to be honest i havent suffered any effects of aging and no real sun damage.

And to be perfectly honest, if your stupid and bake yourself then yes i guess you will more than likely have visible photoaging, and sever skin damage, just the same as if you stay inside and end up looking pale and unhealthy.

In moderation its fine, and everyone only has their youth once, and if a tan can help you look your best then one can be confident enough to live their youth to the full rather than wasting 20years, reaching 40 and thinking "wow, ive finally gotten over my acne, now i can start living"

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I agree it does help. As long as you used a good sunscreen before that does not make you break out. And also a moisturizer afterwards.

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