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how to get accutane

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hey i tried everything nothign works proactiv dont work and accutane looks like a merical pill that i need. acne ruined my life and i want to die i want to try accutane so bad any pointers on how to obtain this pill... how muhc it cost...does insurance cover?

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I'm not a mod or anything, but I do believe this belongs in the Accutane Posts section rather than the logs.

Yeah, but to answer your question you definitely should see a derm. I suggest you do a lot of research on Accutane and build a solid argument. Even if the derm says so initially ask him to hear you out and tell him all the reasons you want accutane, and how you are fully aware of the risk. OR you could have horrifying acne like me where they basically throw the perscription at you and hold up a cross screaming BE GONE DEMON!

You also have to do all the iPledge nonsense even if you're a guy.

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well my mom say not enough money for a derm so FUCK lmao..well im feeling happy now drunk and high not even thinkin bout how i look lol life is [email protected]!#[email protected]#@!# FUCK ACNE LMAO NOBODY CARES ABOUT IT WEALL NIGGASSSS TAHTS WAHTS UP

Hi. I note you've not been here since the 22nd. There are plenty of things you can do before you try accutane. One is the Regimen. All acne treatments take time and patience. There is no miracle immediate cure. One thing that will help you more than anything else: stop getting high and drunk. That'll mess you up far worse than acne ever could.

Look around, take heart at the people who are going through the same kinds of things you are. See that there are people (including me) who have been exactly where you are, with those horrible feelings, but who are well, happy, and clear now. I wish you the best.

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