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im 16 and ive had acne for about 4 years now

its not REALLY bad but its several pimples and scarring

I've got long hair in case that matters but i wash it like twice a day

i was on accutane for a year it helped imrpove it but now im off it its gotten pretty bad again

everyone says its fine and no one cares but its made me feel like shit and im still seeing a counceller and hurting myself cause of it

and my mum wont let me get any more medication so all im doing to prevent it is showering washing and eating healthy

advice would be REALLY appriciated

its mainly around my cheeks chin neck and forehead specially around the chin and i shave daily

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dont let it get you down.

it can take time and patience.. everyone on this board has their own suggestions..

and everyones skin is different.

i personally use AHA products for my skin and they have helped tremendously.

the stress about your acne and its emotions behind it will make you break out more.

try and be positive about it most of all.

just tell yourself you will get clear and things are ok.. and its not the end of the world.

its what alot of people go through.

you can check out my signature and see what i do.

a few things that have helped me alot are most of all

AHA products..

drinking lots of water..

drinking organic apple cider vinegar...

taking 2 fish oil capsules a day..

using jojoba oil to cleanse pores

-aspirin mask treatment

-baby brush method

most of all you have to understand is everyones skin is different..

and some hormone shifts are different..

best of all is to take time and patience with it.

any questions .. ask anyone on this board and they can help !

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yeah its just steadily getting worse and my doctors so bloody useless and i havnt got a appointment for weeks

im eating good washing my face twice a day im too worried to go out of the house my mums not letting me get any meds and its getting worse on my forehead mainly and now im out of anti biotics so im pretty worried...i want to get rid of it before i get back to school in a couple of weeks

its so annoying =[

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if you let us know a little more we may be able to give you more advice...

what is your current washing regimen? what products are you using?

what is your diet like? in particular, do you consume dairy or lots of salt? grains?

is your acne inflamed? non-inflamed? cystic?

i think together we can all figure something out :)

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well im using no products except Anti biotics(tetracycline) which have lately ran out which may make it worse

i wash in the morning using cold water just splashing it on my forehead which seems to be worst at the moment and my cheeks and neck

i have a few whiteheads mainly on my chin and neck a couple around the sides of my forehead

my foreheads very red but i have some pretty bad scarring on my cheeks from my old really bad acne

its not really heavily inflamed but its quite red

im not using any medication but i normally have a shower once or twice a day with warm water

my hairs long but its never really greasy or in my face so i dont think thats it

and yeah i dont really get out much latly because of it so im always in my room except schooll

any help would be great

and in the past ive tried lots of stuff mainly roaccutane which worked until i stopped using it

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