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For cysts....Bactrim?

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My dermatologist prescribed me some Bactrim for my big cysts I get around my pelvic area. Will this cream be strong enough to penetrate beneath the skin to get rid of the cysts. It's 20 bux with my insurance and I don't wanna pick it up at the pharmacy and waist 20 bux on somethin that will do me no good.


hah im an idiot...I was just under the impression Bactrim was a cream until reading that it is an antibiotic, but still to the original question...is it effective in getting rid and/or preventing cyst?

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I was on Bactrim for my cysts.. I had an allergic reaction to it though (which apparently is very common, so be on the lookout for that) so I really can't tell you if it did anything for me. Sorry.. I'm no help.

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Bactrim is an oral antibiotic. It is a sulfonamide (sulfa drug). It is used for (among other things) soft tissue infections. You should drink plenty of water when you are taking it and if it is prescribed twice daily, take it as close to 12 hours apart as possible. If you develop any side effects, especially rash, contact your physician immediately.

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