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A question for those of you who know which foods cause your acne

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If you know which foods in particular cause you to breakout then presumably you've avoided them for a while (6 weeks at least they say?) then reintroduced. How long did it therefore take after you introduced a certain food type again to get more spots?

I got a corker this morning however going on the whole acne cycle thing, this could've been caused by something I've eaten in the last few weeks so how the hell do you pinpoint?

It crossed my mind it could've been something I ate last night but everyone seems to say it can't happen that quickly so I just wondered how long it takes you to breakout after you've eaten your 'nasty'?

Ta much

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I have kept a detailed food diary for a year now including supplements, training schedule and of course acne severity. And assuming it´s not all in my head, I have noticed that I usually get an acne outbreak approximately 4 days after eating something I don't tolerate. I have also noticed that the reaction is more severe the longer i've avoided a food. I am still looking forward to the day I can re-introduce food back into my diet.

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It would depend on the reason. If it's an allergy, it could be within a day.

Thats true. I break out from dairy within 20-45 minutes of consuming it

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