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Ocean air - Cetaphil

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Both of these make me break out horribly, and the first is especially bad, since I have a job and can't move away from the bay.

I've lived in both San Francisco and Monterey, and both times my acne didn't clear up until I moved back to the central valley.

As for Cetaphil, doctors have told me in the past that I have sensitive skin and should use it... I think you can guess how that went :)

Also, when I get zits they just don't go away -- for a while they'll turn into simple red marks, but will inevitably become painful and inflamed once more. I've had some of the same zits for over three years, and am becoming desperate.

I can't really afford to go to a dermatologist and get treatment, and even the medicine that I've been given in the past has never helped... Any advice would be great.

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I wouldn't pass up this opportunity so quickly. I am getting the treatment and I sent my pictures today. Just think about it, you can get hundreds of dollars worth of quality skin care treatment-for free! So many people I know would jump at the chance. Sure some people you don't know and probably will never meet will see your pictures online, I really doubt you would care about that if your skin was completely clear in a couple months-and from what I have seen and heard from reliable sources it is pretty likely for you to clear from their treatments. There is still one spot left. Think about it!

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