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Itunes and sandisk mp3 player

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Ok I didnt know where to post this sooo um my ipod died dont wanna pay that much again. Can the sandisk mp3 work with itunes or can they be transfered to it?

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it depends... because it has those thing.. u kno what im saying.. it wont but it will work. u juss need to hook but it might fail and yeah i hope i answered ur question..

if u have further kestion feel free to ask...

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I've never tried Itunes for another mp3, itunes usually recognizes the mp3, so maybe just try hooking it up to the computer if you have it on hand and seeing if itunes will bring it up. If not, you could always try limewire, or.. bareshare. :D

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lol i was juss trying to make u confuse...ok look.. really it depend of ur computer, software and program...

i got like 5 mp3 from different brand and when i plug the usb from the mp3 to the pc, on the bottom right of the pc screen something gonna put up saying u have a hardware plugin to ur comp..and usually when i see that the itunes come open right away..........

dont worry because alot of ppl got the same problem.. look just go to sandisk user manual find it in google... and go to download.com and dl the software because itunes is not gonna work with all mp3.... and itunes is not that great.....

I kno im confusing u but the only thing u can do is find the user manuel and hi-caramba its gonna work.........

ok the last thing now if it doesn really really work the only thing left is............... to the the garage- get a hammer- and in a motion arm knock the mp3 so he can go away from hes misery.................................................. and after that find a job and buy the new ipod touch screen...

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