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I'm starting my second course of Accutane, once I've been on birth control for a month. During the first course, I was on Diane-35. But I got my period every 23 days, so this time around I told my doctor that I'd like to try something different. So she prescribed me Tricyclen (the 28 pill one; Diane was 21 pills). I've only been on it for a week and for some reason I'm breaking out pretty bad. My acne is getting worse as time goes on (which is why I can't wait to start Accutane again) but I don't remember having problems like this on Diane. Does anyone else have experience with Tricyclen? Did it make you break out? Or is this probably unrelated to the birth control, and just acne being acne?

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I'm on it and experienced the same thing. In fact, my first post was me asking if anyone else was on it and experiencing or had experienced a terrible breakout. I think at that time I was just into my second pack of pills and my face was "hivey" if that makes sense. Bumps all over my face as if I had a bad case of hives. Breakouts in places I had never broken out in before(forehead, nose).

I will be starting my third pack of pills Sunday and aside from the two pimples I have developed from being on my period, I am clear. For me, the bumps went away as well as the active pimples by the second week of month 2(if I can remember correctly). With that being said it can take longer for you to see results, however. It just depends on the person.

I can honestly say I am VERY happy I decided to stick it out. Once the initial breakout spell was over with for me, I had my beautiful skin back. I only have mild acne but it is stubborn in going away so this has worked really well for me. I don't know how well it may work for you, I don't have any personal experience or know of anyone IRL who has used accutane, but it is definately worth a shot! Much luck with it!!!

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